How to Amp Up Your Nudes Manicure


Nudes may be a neutral, but these manicures are anything but ordinary. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite out of the box ‘nude’ manicures, to show you how to amp up your typical nudes. Whether you’re looking to keep it minimalistic or amp it all the way up, we’ve broken down the best way to get the look.


Hint Of Neon



 @annastimson takes her favorite nudes from the NCLA Nudes Collection and adds a simple neon stripe to give her a neutral manicure a pop of color. Get the look by applying two coats of Volume V nail polish. Let dry, and use a thin brush to apply a colorful pop of neon like Acapulco Gold.


Touch of Gold 


@vampclaws applied two coats of NCLA’s Gelous? Volume IV Gel to achieve the perfect soft nude look. By adding a small triangle gold gem to each nail, this manicure becomes edgy, while still remaining neutral. 

Geometric Nudes

@trophywifenailart took it to the next level with this subtle geometric look. Using NCLA’s Tutus and Traffic Violations Gel as a base color, she then added subtle and complimentary white and navy blue accents. This manicure has just the right amount of cool. 

Mix and Match


@nailp__ used NCLA Nail Wraps in Rose Rock to add a marble accent to her gorgeous nude gel manicure. We love how the peachy nude base of Rose Rock matches her gel color! Get the look by pairing Rose Rock nail wraps and NCLA’s Volume I gel

Half Moon

@paintbucketnails (one of our fave) New York salons, used NCLA’s Gelous? Tutus and Traffic Violations Gel to create the cleanest half moon manicure ever! Using the natural nail as the base, we love the negative space they used as a contrast!


from shopncla – The Drip


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